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Mario Ballerini was one of the first political consultants in Italy and has been advising political parties and candidates for the past 15 years. He is a member of IAPC and former president of the EAPC; he worked on political campaigns in Italy on every level, from national elections to regional and local elections.

He has organized seminars and meetings on politics throughout Italy, providing instruction on political techniques and procedures. His campaign specialities include strategy, targeting, planning, media design, direct mail and polling.

In 1992 Mario Ballerini was a senior consultant for one of the major parties in the national elections and worked with other members of IAPC, Joe Napolitan and Sally Hunter.

He directs a publishing company specializing in books on politics, and as an expert computer analyst has developed a sophisticated computerized System that allows deep and very precise targeting actions


Place and date of birth: Florence, 27/02/1946

Residence: Casciago (VA), Via Anadiga, 7

Married to:

Paulovich Nives Lucia

Place and date of birth: Parenzo (Croatia) on 23/06/1947


Ballerini Federica

Place and date of birth: Varese, 20/08/1978

Occupation: Architect


Diploma in Accounting and Business Management

Taken at the Istituto Tecnico Commerciale Statale

with the mark of 60/60

Foreign languages

- French: fluent;

- English: fluent;

- Spanish: scholastic knowledge;


- Member of the Board of Directors of Italian Six Sigma Academy;

- Vice-President of the International Association of Political Consultants;

- Cofounder and Former President of the European Association of Political Consultants;

- Council Member of the National Italian American Foundation with head office in Washington;

- From 1982 to 1989:

Vice President of Il Politecnico Cultural Centre, with head office in Varese;

- From 1987 to 1990:

Vice President of the Accademia Medicea, with head office in Florence.

Professional experience

- From 28/06/1967, Sleeping Partner of SAIE; from 26/10/1973 Procurator of this same company.

- From 16/05/1984 Sleeping Partner and Technical Director of SAIE S.a.s.

- From 01/01/1998, Sole Administrator of the company SAIE S.r.l.

- From 1971 to 1974

Manager of the Course Development and Management Sector of Euroschool Italiana S.r.l, with head office in Milan.

This was one of the first Italian companies to operate in the field of creating and running computer science courses.

- From 1971 to 1983

Founder and Sole Administrator of Madaco S.r.l., with head office in Milan.

The company managed a third-party data processing centre in Milan.

- From 1978 to 1986

Sole Administrator and Technical Manager of Sigma Informatica S.r.l., with head office in Milan.

The company focussed on the creation and sale of software products on IBM Serie 1 computers, as VAR of IBM Italia S.p.A.

Between 1981 and 1983 the company managed a number of training projects financed by the European Social Fund, in partnership with Lombardy Region, and in 1984, on behalf of Lombardy Region, it created the first Computer Science Literacy project for approximately 300 people.

- Since 2002

President of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of AMEV S.r.l, with head office in Milan.

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